All Classic Motor Boats for sale in Holland

Beautiful motorship, ideal for traveling and live a board. 2004 refit. Comfortable.... read more

Length: 14.80m
Price: €145,000
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ID: 583825  (Trade)
Posted: 2 days ago

Great former rescue lifeboat, perfect to sail to the beautiful habours of Scotland or the Baltic sea. Last hull survey april 2015 Sailing area waterways and seagoing... read more

Length: 14.98m
Location:Dokkumer Nieuwezijlen Friesland Netherlands
Price: €64,500
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ID: 448528  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

2006 MTB 31   €139,000
Based upon the famous British motor torpedo boats, these "greyhounds from the sea" were the inspiration for Breedendam to have these great weekend/day tenders designed by John Janssen. Breedendam yachts are trendsetters and to no surprise often copied. The MTB31's performance will leave you smiling all day long and when you appreciate finer things in life, detailed craftsmanship, style an performance, this excellent Breedendam is the weekend/day cruiser for you.... read more

Length: 9.40m
Location:Contact De Valk Sint Annaland Netherlands
Price: €139,000 Tax Paid
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ID: 623621  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

Fully restored to its former glory tug. Equipped with a comfortable home and guesthouse. Four takt slowrunner engine, in a new condition. Registered as a sailing monument. Engine is completely reconditioned/overhauled (in factory)... read more

Length: 19.70m
Location:Rotterdam Netherlands Netherlands
Price: €195,000
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ID: 459414  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

Pettersson Tjim   €42,500
Wooden motor yacht in excellent condition, BJ 1920. Engine Yanmar 55 HP diesel BJ 2000 . 10.50mx 2.65m x D= 0.90m. Totally restored, hull epoxy ! No leakage! 4 sleeping places, toilet,galley, biminitop, cabrio.... read more

Length: 10.50m
Location:Drachten Friesland Netherlands
Price: €42,500 Tax Paid
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ID: 617947  (Private)
Posted: 10 days ago

1922 Amsterdammer 15m   €19,500
This is an Amsterdam tugboat with a length of 15 meters. Provided with a Daf 575 120 hp. This ship has a beautiful space-saving wheelhouse, with a long couch, a table and steering. The dashboard is equipped with a Simrad chart plotter and a lovely big wheel. The cabin has a bed/sofa, a kitchenette with sink and compressor refrigerator. There is a Jabsco toilet. The vertical clearance is 2.20 meters and with this height this ship is perfect for France. Accommodatie Hutten: 1 Motor, electra, water Aantal identieke motoren: 1 Draaiuren: 3395... read more

Length: 14.8m
Location:Marknesse Flevoland Netherlands
Price: €19,500 Tax Paid
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ID: 592199  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

Sleepboot Janssen en Schmillinski, Hamburg. Deze nostalgische sleepboot is gebouwd in 1922. Dit schip is voorzien van een MAK MS423 265 Kw uit 1951. (goed lopend) voorzien van Reintjes keerkoppeling KO14404 links. Koelsysteem is schakelbaar direct/indirect Verder is het schip recent geschilderd en is een nieuwe luchtcompressor alsook een generator geplaatst. Het schip is voorzien van een dinette/keukenmeubel, toilet ruimte, stuurhut, machinekamer, 2 persoons bed. Algemeen Waterverplaatsing: 75000 Overig: 1922 Accommodatie Hutten: 1 Motor, electra, water Vermogen: 361 ... read more

Length: 17.33m
Location:Marknesse Flevoland Netherlands
Price: €39,500 Tax Paid
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ID: 592196  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

Autentieke sleepboot de Te Goude te koop. Deze sleepboot is in 1892 gebouwd bij Gebroeders Jonkers te Kinderdijk. Dit schip is gemoderniseerd terwijl het authentieke karakter behouden is gebleven. De motorisering is een Scania DN8 168 pk afgesteld naar 120 PK De verwarming is doormiddel van een oliegestookte Kabola CV ketel. Ook is er een Lister generator 3.5 KW aan boord voor stroom voorziening 230 V naast de walstroom en omvormer. De in totaal 4 slaapplaatsen en de ruime opzet van de accomodatie geven de mogelijkheid tot langer verblijf aan boord. Kortom, een zeer verzorgd s... read more

Length: 16.24m
Location:Marknesse Flevoland Netherlands
Price: €52,500 Tax Paid
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ID: 592189  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

fully equipped, perfect for reacreation... read more

Length: 19.48m
Location:Den Helder Netherlands
Price: €55,000
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ID: 419569  (Trade)
Posted: 19 days ago

recreation tug    €55,000
very complete and well maintained converted tugboat, recent hull survey, paintjob, triwv certified, a lot of ship for a sharp price... read more

Length: 16.65m
Location:Groningen Groningen Netherlands
Price: €55,000
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ID: 622649  (Trade)
Posted: 20 days ago

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